Amount Raised – 45,603

Target Amount – 50,000

Target Deficit – 4,397

Did you know that each time you shop on Amazon or Flipkart, you can help sponsor 7,000 meals for underprivileged kids? But how? If you click on this link –  (for Amazon) – or this link – (for Flipkart) – and then make a purchase in one single session, it earns us an affiliate commission (see FAQ’s for how much), 100% of which is donated to Purkul Youth Development Society, an NGO situated in the Himalayan foothills dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged young people in the community. Pretty cool, right? That’s why, we at The Adhikari Blog have started this project called “Project Sahyog – Shopping for a Cause” for raising at least 50,000/- in Phase 1 to help PYDS keep up with the work they are doing. It costs PYDS ₹10,000 a day to feed 4 meals to 350 kids in their organisation – that’s 1400 meals a day. With ₹50,000, we can sponsor a massive 7,000 meals for these kids.

 What exactly do you  have to do?

You can help us in achieving our target amount by shopping on Amazon or Flipkart using the 3 steps explained below or even donate directly using the link given after that. Oh and yes, you get a “Certificate of Appreciation” too. So don’t wait. Start contributing by following the 3 steps below.


amazon-logo-1                  flipkart_logo_detail


After finalizing what you want to purchase on Amazon or Flipkart, come back to this page, click on the respective  link – (for Amazon) or (for Flipkart) – and buy the product in one single session.

Note that the product shouldn’t be already added to your cart before clicking on the logo below.

The user journey should be as follows

  1. Click the respective link – (for Amazon) or (for Flipkart) and land on Amazon’s or Flipkart’s home page
  2. Search for the product you want to buy and go to the product page
  3. Click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart + Proceed to Checkout”
  4. Log in (if you aren’t logged in already) or create an account if you don’t have one
  5. Enter Shipping details etc.
  6. Complete your payment


Please fill out this form after you’ve made a purchase for us to be able to do three things

  1. Verify your purchase
  2. Send you your “Certificate of Appreciation” on your email address
  3. Add your name to the list of “Protectors of the Realm” (see below)


That’s it! Wait till your purchase is verified and reflects in our account (it’s usually one day after your order is dispatched). After that, we will send your “Certificate of Appreciation” via email and your name will be added in the list of the contributors called the Protectors of the Realm” below. Share the news on Social Media, popularise it using word-of-mouth, purchase in the future again,  and of course, be proud of your contribution.

Your certificate of appreciation

Your certificate of appreciation

Protectors of the Realm

  • Shreya Jain
  • Sandeep Tampi
  • Deepak Adhikari
  • Nidhi Kashyap
  • Arun Kumar
  • Medha Sharma
  • Mahendra Adhikari
  • Rahul
  • Karan Vashisht
  • Kavita Adhikari
  • Rajat Garg
  • Prakash Kumar
  • Swati Devgan
  • Hemanth Kolli
  • Akanksha Patnaik
  • Goutham Srinivas
  • Zoha Firdous
  • Raman Vashisht
  • Nisha K K
  • M Shiva
  • Ankit Sharma
  • Sudarshan Y

Want to help but don’t have anything to buy yet?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You can still help us by directly donating money using the button below. You can donate any amount you’re comfortable with, say ₹100, ₹500, ₹1000 or any other amount. Once we receive the payment, we’ll send you your “Certificate of Appreciation” and add your name to the list of “Protectors of the Realm“.

Share on Facebook to help us more


Click here and share the post on Facebook to spread the word. Also, do tell your close friends about it. More the people in your social circle who know this, more the chances of you helping the underprivileged.


  • What exactly is the money used for?

After analyzing the needs and requirements of PYDS and to ensure the best possible use of the funds raised, we have decided to sponsor PYDS’s ‘Fund a Meal’ Programme. PYDS runs a 10-hour day care facility and provides all their students with 4 meals every working day – breakfast at 7.30 AM, a fruit at 11 AM, lunch at 2PM and an evening snack at 4PM. They run their Mess with their own cooks and do not use contractors.  It is made sure that the food served is optimal in terms of the food value and quantity served.

  • How much do you exactly earn if I make a purchase?

We earn different commission amounts depending upon the type of products.  Find below the commission structure for different types of products. For example, if you’re buying shoes worth ₹4k, then we get 12% of that, which is ₹480, all of which is your proud contribution. Pretty cool, right?


  • Does the money directly goes to PYDS’s account?

No, since we have registered with Amazon and Flipkart for the affiliate partnership, the money comes to our account first and is then given to PYDS.

  • When do you give the money to PYDS?

The project target is ₹50,000 in Phase 1. After we raise the first ₹10,000, we’ll donate the money to PYDS and continue to do so after every ₹10,000 mark. So we will be donating the money in 5 phases. The transfer of money will be posted on the blog and the Facebook page, so watch out for the space.

  • Why do you only have Amazon and Flipkart listed? Why not the other e-commerce websites?

Our experience with Amazon and Flipkart has been the best, without any complications. Their tracking system never fails unlike a few others and we’re sure no matter what purchase you make, we receive the commission amount. Also, Amazon and Flipkart too believe in the concept of donation and they supports a noble initiative like this.

  • I had made a purchase but my name hasn’t been added in the list of contributors. Why’s that?

Make sure you have filled out the form in STEP 2 after making the purchase. Also, only after your order is dispatched from Amazon or Flipkart does it appear in our affiliate account. If more than a day has passed after your order was dispatched and you still don’t see your name here, there is a chance that the order could have been marked as “disqualified” for the affiliate commission. There are a variety of reasons that’s possible. Some of the most common ones are –

  1. You did not purchase the product in one single session after clicking the Amazon or Flipkart link.
  2. Before visiting this page through our links, you had already added the product in your cart.

There can be a few more reasons for this happening. In case you feel you had done everything right, please write to us at and we’ll be happy to resolve the issue.

Have any other question regarding this project? Please contact us via mail or through our Facebook page.