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6 mistakes to avoid while taking life advice from your college seniors

It’s that time of the year when my phone starts buzzing every now and then with texts and missed calls from my juniors in Roorkee, mostly 3rd and 4th years, asking me for a comfortable time to call for they ‘urgently’ need help with their life ... Read More

The 2-minute short story that answered the biggest philosophical question of my life

These are two small real-life stories of the past and probably the best you’ll ever read. Note that it’s important to read both of them. Go ahead. STORY – 1 Back in the early 1900s lived a notorious gangster who literally ruled the city of ... Read More

“If you do it once, you’ll do it again”

I recently read an article on LinkedIn that depression rate of lawyers is the highest among all professionals. The article made sense, and that is the reason why movies and series about lawyers are damn interesting. Because it’s easy to make an ... Read More

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