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When it all started!

Environmental Engineering Department, National Taiwan University

Environmental Engineering Department, National Taiwan University

And it all started when I was in the streets of Taiwan, happily eating my chicken burger (I’m pretty sure it was chicken) and sipping the famous bubble tea of the capital from a 7/11, walking down to the Environmental Engineering Department of the National Taiwan aUniversity. When I was done with my meal, I threw the plastic in the huge black polythene of the even bigger dustbins near my office in the department. I was about to sit in my desk, hoping to start my second breakfast soon, and yeah, do some work as well, when I was confronted by my senior.

You don’t put that there. You put it there.

He told me the recyclable plastic was supposed to be put in the other polythene which was just meant for recyclable items. If the authorities caught you as a defaulter, you’re fined. That’s how strict they are. And while my senior educated me about the specifics of the supply chain of garbage handling, all an ’embarrassed’ me could picture in my mind was the massive mountains of garbage in the outskirts of Delhi, waiting to be compacted and landfilled into the earth. But the wait never ends, does it?

Cycle track on the road

Cycle track on the road

Standing on the left side while going up the escalator, a taxi never refusing to offer you service, the bicycle lanes on the left side of each road, pedestrians ‘actually’ having their way before the riders, were just some of the few things that kept teaching me the power of following ‘rules’ and having them in the first place.

Can it be done in India too? I wondered …

This question has always been a conundrum to me. On one hand, everything is indeed possible. We need leaders who can lead the entire community for the greater good. On the other, it seems such a colossal task to actually make any measurable change even in a lifetime. But then, the conundrum seems to fade away as I age. We don’t actually need leaders to do things for us. We all can make a measurable change by contributing our bit in whatever way possible. All of us are already leaders then. With this slow-walk into an epiphany coming to an end, I decided to do my bit.

This blog is dedicated to inspire people to be leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow to make the society a better place to live in and to utilize their true potential. It’s to make people realize that impossible is nothing. Half of the problem is solved when you decide to really solve it. We all have great potential to do amazing things in life. When I say do things for society’s good, I do not only mean social work. You may be money-minded and start a business for the upper class segment which solves a problem and caters to a need. The only question you need to ask yourself every single time is – “Am I creating an impact in the society to my fullest potential?”. If the answer is yes, you’re a champion! If you think may I can do more, then you should. We all can be the change that we want to see in others and our surroundings. We can be the one to solve great challenges that exist. Instead of blaming and being reactive, we can be proactive to get things done. So hopefully, from all the future posts, people will be able to realize their potential and explore it to their fullest to be the change of tomorrow!


  1. Good Blog . Nice article . we need lots of problem solvers in our country 🙂 . My friend told me to check this blog ( Mutual friend I believe ) and so far i haven’t been disappointed.

    • Rahul Adhikari

      March 18, 2017 at 1:48 pm

      Thanks Mohamed. I’m glad you liked the blog. Do check out the other articles too, in fact, I’m publishing one tomorrow

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